Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Garden-One Week and Two Days Later

We planted our garden just over a week ago and I'm amazed--it's growing!

The day after we planted I was a little worried. It looked like the ants were going to strip every plant in a matter of hours. Fortunately, we had some food-grade Diatomaceous Earth on hand from our previous battles with the ants attempting to take over our yard. We sprinkled it all over the garden (it looked like it had snowed) and it worked! Within thirty minutes all the ants were gone.
A few ants came back the next day but we sprinkled a little more DE and they went away as well. So far so good. We haven't seen any ants in days (knock on wood).

My other concern was the little doggy footprints right through my rows of carrots and radishes. Our little dog turned the space into a little doggy highway. Can you see the little footprints in the picture above?

But I shouldn't have worried. After just four days in the ground my radish seeds sprouted! I couldn't believe how quickly they came up. My nasturtiums were also blooming just days after we planted them.
One week and two days later, the radishes are still growing. We thinned them out Monday morning and noticed the carrots are just starting to come up. The tomato plants and the yellow crooked-neck squash both have blossoms. The butternut squash is still recovering from the ant attack (it was hardest hit) but it has some new growth as well. We moved the peppers and the tomato that were near the fence over near the rest of the garden. They weren't getting enough sun where they were. We'll see how it goes...

Notice the little dog sniffing my squash? He's responsible for the footprints.
P.S. The plant I started inside has also sprouted! If it keeps growing, I might just tell you what it is!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Flowers

L. and I have been enjoying all the signs of spring this week. We saw these flowers on our walk to the park the other day.
Today I'm thankful my child loves to be outdoors.
I'm thankful I have such a wonderful family (near and far).
I'm thankful I got to go for a run alone yesterday.
I'm thankful L. has a wonderful sense of humor.
I'm thankful J. is home from work today.
I'm thankful I got to take my sewing class and my first project (pictures coming soon!).
I'm thankful I'm going to get a sewing machine for free!
I'm thankful Mimi has the week off work and L. and I get to spend so much time with her.
I'm thankful my garden is still growing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thankful for Spring!

Today I'm filled with gratitude because it's SPRING! In March. Really. Truly.

It rained for a few hours on Saturday morning and when it stopped, it was spring!

Sunday I noticed our mesquite tree was blooming (by blooming I mean covered in tiny green leaves). Yesterday I noticed the bluebonnets were coming up by the side of the highway. Today, when L. and I walked to the park, we found the field covered in little pink wild flowers and the trees in the yards of houses we passed all had bright green leaves.

And the orange tree has blossoms. It is my most favorite thing right now. I could sit on the side of the house and just drink it in all day. Unfortunately, L. finds that a little boring so I've contented myself with just walking by it every now and then.

I'm filled with gratitude because there is so much new life growing around me. And the orange blossoms smell divine.
What signs of spring have you seen lately?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Starter Vegetable Garden

We planted our vegetable garden! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! We've had beautiful weather this last week (I can't believe it's only just March) and it looks like (knock on wood) we're done with frost until next year. Our Mesquite tree is blooming and we're trusting it knows what it's doing!

Here is what we started with. I took this picture in December. Imagine it with several more months growth:
And now...drum roll please...we have 5 tomatoes, 1 butternut squash, 1 yellow crooked neck squash, 2 rows carrots, 2 rows radishes, 2 pots jalapeno peppers, 1 mint, 1 dill, and 2 nasturtiums.

We tried to lay everything out with good partners. The carrots are near the tomatoes, the radishes are marking the carrot rows (theoretically the radishes should come up first), the squashes both have space and are surrounded by the radishes and nasturtiums...

The peppers and one of the tomatoes are in big pots along the fence. We'll see which ones do better--the ones near the house, or the ones near the fence. We couldn't decide which place got more sun. I put the mint and dill in pots also since they would probably take over everything else in the garden if we let them!

We need to get a few more cages for the tomatoes and some posts for the peppers and one more big pot...we're starting seeds for a very special plant but I figured I'd wait to see if I could get the starts to come up before I buy a pot! I'll tell everyone what it is when I can tell it starts growing!

Here is the dill and mint plants (and a pot of flowers on the left...can't wait for it to bloom!):
Peppers and one tomato!
All the rest of our plants...obviously, the carrots and radishes will be a while.
It's a start! As our "starter" vegetable garden, we're just hoping everything works out. We're take what we learned and use it when we plant fall veggies...or expand our garden next year!

This is the first time I've had a vegetable garden since I was a child and it's brought back such wonderful memories. I've been remembering the fun my brothers and I had picking tomatoes, zucchini, and strawberries, catching frogs...

I can't wait to start making gardening memories with L. She already loves being outside. She loves watering the plants. She loves picking tomatoes. We're off to a good start.

Here's hoping everything keeps growing!

Thank-you Mommas!

I'm out of my funk. Yes, finally. You'll never guess what it took.

I got a pile of emails from my momma friends back home, L. got sick (possibly a combo of serious teething, allergies, and a little cold), and I had a good talk with J.

All of that combined and kicked me back in to super-mom mode. That's all it took. Who knew?

Thank-you to my AMAZING friends. You are AMAZING women and I love you all so much.
Thank-you for affirming that being a mom is hard.
Thank-you for reminding me that it's okay to want (and need) a break.
Thank-you for supporting me and telling me I'm not alone.

Thank-you to my SWEET little girl. You are so SMART and LOVING I can hardly stand it.
Thank-you for cuddling with me.
Thank-you for your kisses, and your hugs, and your smiles.
Thank-you for reminding me (like you always do) why I want to be a mom.
Thank-you for needing me and letting me know what you need.
Thank-you for being patient with me when it takes me a while to figure it out.

Thank-you to my WONDERFUL partner.
J, thank-you for being my husband and partner.
Thank-you for vacuuming and doing the dishes.
Thank-you for apologizing.
Thank-you for rubbing my shoulders when I had a headache.
Thank-you for working so hard so I can stay home (even though sometimes I act like I don't want to...I really do want to be at home).

I'm glad the funk is gone. I don't wish it back again any time soon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Grateful it's Friday

I'm feeling like poop today. All the more reason to write my list!

I'm grateful it's Friday
I'm grateful J. was able to get L. to sleep last night
I'm grateful I had a bubble bath while J. was getting L. to sleep last night
I'm grateful L. just made me laugh when I was crying
I'm grateful I have wonderful friends (even though they're far away)
I'm grateful I have a partner who loves me even when I'm in a poopy mood
I'm grateful I have an energetic, inquisitive child
I'm grateful I'm a mom, even when I feel like I don't feel like I am

I'm sure I'll think of more by the end of the day...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday's Gratitude List

Today I am filled with gratitude because...

L. and I had a ride to a playdate
it was good to get out of the house
L. took a good nap
I discovered L. likes hummus
it was sunny and warm
J. won't be home as late as I thought
I went for a run
a friend gave me seeds to plant in our garden

And, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Good night!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Gratitude List

I've been in a funk lately. A really BIG funk. I don't want to do anything. I just want to sleep. I have no motivation. I'm irritable. I'm not a lot of fun right now. I'm doing the bare minimum to get by.

But I'm trying to get out of this funk. Instead of writing about all the things that are getting on my nerves, I'm going to focus on the good things.

This month I'm going to count my blessings. I have a lot to be thankful for and I'm going to make a list I can refer back to when I'm struggling.

I'm filled with gratitude because...

I have a loving partner
I have a beautiful daughter
we have a roof over our heads
J. has a job he loves
we are all healthy
L. pooped in the potty three days in a row
it's sunny and warm outside
my mother-in-law gave us several potted plants last week and they're still alive
we cleared our vegetable garden space this weekend
L. gave me a hug
J. cooked dinner last night
my sewing class was rescheduled and starts on Wednesday

That's all for today. I'll keep adding to the list throughout the month. As for now, I'm going to go for a run and see if I can get myself on the right track today!


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